Q-Bong FAQ's

How Many Beers does the Q-Bong Hold? 

Preferably, the Q-Bong holds max 2 beers but can squeeze in 3

Will it explode if i pump it too much?

We have found to keep foaming to a minimum, 15-25 pumps is sufficient. Also, the number of pumps equates to the speed. If you want to chug like a normal beer bong, pump the Q-Bong approximately 10 times. If you want to CHUG at LIGHT-SPEED then you need to pump 20-25 times. Experiment and find your happy place!

My Q-Bong is leaking? 

Things will be OK. Minor leaking around the plug that attaches the pump will occur. This is normal and should not affect your chugging experience. If for some reason the pressure can not be maintained, (1) be sure the cap is on tight and or (2) be sure the valve is in the closed position. If there is still a problem, please contact us for a new Q-Bong

My Q-Bong Ruptured, can i get a new one?

You just had to see how many pumps before it exploded!! Sure, you can get a new one. Go to our website and buy the replacement cube.

 How do I clean my Q-Bong?

Rinse and hand wash as necessary. Be sure to rinse out after you are done with your session. Q-Bong is not dishwasher safe. 

Do you do Refunds?

Yes,Visit our returns/refunds policy page for more information