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Do you know what UNT is?

We’re not completely sure, but we know UNT must be really, really good!

It could be the glaze on donuts, the sun on your face on a cold day, the run of green lights on the highway, or maybe that really nice store assistant is UNT?

UNT just keeps on giving, and we’re not sure, but it may even be the elixir of life.

Let’s celebrate UNT and toast to this mug!


  • C-shape handle and printed with the weird non-word UNT
  • Optical illusion of letters
  • The perfect gift for frenemies


  • Warning: Due to the size and shape of the handle, an illusion may occur causing you to see this mug as a rude word.
  • Capacity: 325 mls
  • Dimensions: 9.5 cms high